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TankWallet: Lock In Gas Prices


Today’s gas prices are the lowest in recent memory, but they won’t stay that way forever. With TankWallet, you can lock in today’s historically low gas prices for future fill-ups, up to a year ahead! Your locked-price gallons are guaranteed, no matter how much the pump price rises. Earn 1 free gallon as a new customer!➤ PRICE PROTECTION FOR MONTHS You can lock in gas prices weeks, months, and/or a year ahead. Purchase gallons now to be used through fall 2017.
➤ NATIONWIDE COVERAGETankWallet covers about 20,000 gas stations nationwide, including both big chains (ARCO, Shell, Costco, etc.) and small, local businesses. New gas stations are added daily based on user requests.
➤ HOW IT WORKS 1. You see the current pump price for your local gas station is $2 per gallon for regular gas. You pay TankWallet $20 to lock in the price of $2/gallon for 10 gallons.
2. Later, when you fill up at that gas station, the price has gone up to $3/gallon. You still need to pay the gas station $30 for your 10-gallon fill-up, but we’ll reimburse you that $30 instantly. Since we track live gas prices, all you need to do is tell us how many gallons you filled up and where!
3. Because you locked in a price for 10 gallons with TankWallet, the $20 you paid to TankWallet is all you spent on those gallons.
You can lock in gas prices for as many months as you want, up to a year ahead. No more stress at the station!
➤ SELECTED FAQS1. How can TankWallet guarantee a fixed price if the gasoline price increases later?We hedge the risk of price fluctuation by buying gas related financial products on secondary markets, such as CME. In other words, we pre-purchase gasoline in large quantities at a fixed price.
2. How do you know if I really filled up?Simply put - we don’t. We track live gas prices, so you are always reimbursed based on the price at the pump at any given time. You can choose to be reimbursed before filling up, after filling up, or even by not filling up at all! Some people use TankWallet to make money, similar to the stock market. They lock in low prices and get reimbursed when the price is high.
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